CHRISTIAN KANE IS AWESOME! He can sing, act and he is super hot! Go buy his cd. It is awesome. He has such a gravelly sexy voice and his songs have such emotion. there is anice blend of rock and heartfelt emotion on his cd.

Also, He’s on Leverage! He does all these really cool fight scenes.  One of the coolest TV shows out there. They had such good characters and cool stunts! The show is like a modern day ROBIN HOOD AND HIS CREW. In one episode, imagine if you were in a museum and you saw your painting hanging up. A painting that had been stolen from you during WW2 by the Nazis.  Well, the Leverage team broke into the museum and retrieved it back for you.  Go rent it! Those network people did not know what they were doing when they canceled it. Timothy Hutton is also in it. All of the actors in it are outstanding and Christian Kane is so HOT!!



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